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Electro Galvanized Wire

Blasting Wire

Blasting Wire Size:0.52mm Zine:12g/m2 Standard:GB/T343 Packing: Coil,8kg-16kg Product QUALITY Meet the requirements of "GB/T343 general purpose low carbon steel wire" and related standards.GB/T343 and other standards. ...

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The galvanized steel wire blasting line is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire and is made by precise automatic mechanical technology. The mesh surface is flat, the structure is firm and the integrity is strong. Even if the galvanized steel wire mesh is partially cut or partially subjected to pressure, it will not loosen. Phenomenon, galvanizing (hot-plating) after forming the steel mesh has good corrosion resistance and has the advantages that the general steel mesh does not have, and can be used as an external wall insulation series.


Blasting Wire




Packing: Coil,8kg-16kg

Reasons for the detachment of zinc layer in galvanized steel wire blasting line

1. When we store galvanized steel wire, it is not placed in the dry and ventilated place, which will cause the surface to oxidize. As a result, the galvanized steel wire on the galvanized steel wire will fall off. Therefore, we It is important to pay attention to its storage location.

2. If a silicon compound is mixed inside, when it is mixed, it will bring its galvanized layer off, so we must pay attention to the mixing of the substances inside.

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