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Electro Galvanized Wire

Fruit Silk Bag

Stitching Wire Size:0.4-1.00mm Tolerance:±0.01mm Tensile Strength: 925-1200Mpa Zinc Coating: 8-16g/m2 Packing:2-500KG Spool ZINC COATING of ZINC COATING Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.GB/T15393 and other standards. The stitching......

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The wire is galvanized to protect the wire from corrosion. Zinc metal is more resistant to corrosion and acts as a long-lasting protective layer in corrosive environments. It is highly protective for steel wire in a variety of environmental time periods. The composition of steel is iron and carbon, and galvanizing is In order to protect the long-term properties of the steel wire. The iron in the steel is easily corroded in the air. After the zinc layer is applied, the iron and the zinc are integrated into one body, and the time for using the steel wire is relatively durable.


Stitching Wire



Tensile Strength: 925-1200Mpa

Zinc Coating: 8-16g/m2

Packing:2-500KG  Spool

Zinc coating

Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.


1. The zinc coating of the galvanized wire is thick, the crystal is detailed, uniform and non-porous, and the corrosion resistance is outstanding.

2. The zinc layer obtained by electroplating zinc wire is relatively pure, and the corrosion in the acid, alkali and other mists is slow, and the steel substrate can be effectively maintained.

3. The galvanized steel wire zinc layer is purified by chromic acid to form white, colorful, military green, etc., beautiful and generous, with certain decorative.

4. Because the zinc layer of the galvanized wire has excellent ductility, it can be subjected to cold forming, rolling, bending and the like without damaging the surface of the galvanized wire.

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