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Electro Galvanized Wire

Netting Wire

Stitching Wire Size:0.4-1.00mm Tolerance:±0.01mm Tensile Strength: 925-1200Mpa Zinc Coating: 8-16g/m2 Packing:2-500KG Spool ZINC COATING of ZINC COATING Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.GB/T15393 and other standards. The stitching......

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Principle of electroplating

Since zinc is not easily changed in dry air, in the moist air, the surface can form a very dense basic zinc carbonate film, which can effectively protect the interior from corrosion. And for some reason, when the coating is broken to expose a steel base that is not too large, the zinc and the steel substrate form a microbattery, and the steel substrate is protected as a cathode.


Stitching Wire



Tensile Strength: 925-1200Mpa

Zinc Coating: 8-16g/m2

Packing:2-500KG  Spool

Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.


With the development of science and technology production, the field of electroplating industry is becoming more and more extensive. At present, the application of electro-galvanizing has spread throughout the various production and research departments of the national economy. For example, machine building, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, light industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace, atomic energy, etc., are of great significance in the national economy.

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