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Basic introduction of wire
Sep 10, 2018

Wire Rod is one of the smallest section sizes in hot-rolled steel sections. In our country general diameter 5~9 mm total eight kinds of specifications of the coil supply of hot-rolled round steel called wire. Wire because of the coil delivery, it is also known as Wire rod. The concept of wire in foreign countries and China slightly different, in addition to the circular section also has other shapes, its diameter due to the demand situation and the production level of different and inconsistent.

According to the different rolling mill can be divided into high-speed wire (high-line) and ordinary wire (PU line) two kinds. Wires are generally made of plain carbon steel and high quality carbon steel. According to the steel distribution directory and the use of different, wire including ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled disk strip, high-quality carbon carbide wire rod, carbon electrode wire rod, adjustable thread wire rod, steel wire rope wire rod, wire rod and stainless steel rod, etc.