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Origin of the Gabion net
Sep 10, 2018

In China, the ecological green grid structure originated more than 2000 years ago bamboo cages, sheep, Li Bing Son in Dujiangyan project for the first time use, this is the traditional meaning of the GABION network structure: Today, as a new technology, technology, and new materials of new ecological grid structure, successfully applied to Water Conservancy, highway, railway engineering, In the protection project of the dike. The organic combination of engineering structure and ecological environment is well realized.

At the same time, compared with some of the traditional rigid structure has its own advantages, so in the world has become the protection of river bed, control landslide, control debris flow, to prevent falling stone and environmental protection of the preferred structural type. Gabion network is suitable for high flow rate, serious erosion, bank slope seepage more slow river bank. The stone cage is a flexible structure, which is good for self-adjustment of uneven subsidence.

The porous nature of the shore, the gap between the stone is conducive to animal habitat, plant growth, the stone cage above the waterline can use the soil bag planted green to meet the ecological considerations and safety requirements. Ecological green grid structure is common in the slope of the soil stabilization method, because of the economy, construction is convenient, can be used locally, fill the soil, gravel and natural gradation, etc., quickly formed retaining or retaining structure, so the engineering community is happy to adopt.