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Gabion Network National Standards Have What Requirements
Sep 10, 2018

1, tensile strength: 350-575 kn/sq. mm, in line with the sans675:1997 standard in South Africa. 2, the diameter of the wire warp error in 5% of the normal range.

The error of the mesh hole is qualified at 3%-16%.

2, ductility: greater than or equal to 10, in line with European 10223-3 standards, test samples greater than or equal to 25 cm. 

3, Zinc layer standard: galvanized steel wire Ring Wheel Center axis 6 wheel, repeat 4 times.Meet the sans675:1997 standard, no zinc precipitation wrinkle, no shedding phenomenon. 

4, can be measured: the test, the wire at 15 speed per minute winding with each other, and then the opposite direction at the same speed winding, galvanized layer and the original wire will not break. Complies with sans675:1997 standards. The Gabion net is connected with a wire, all of which are also made of heavy-dip galvanizing or stainless steel wire, and are operated with special tools (simple tools also). The wire diameter is 3 mm and the tensile strength is 156-178 kg/square millimeters.