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Production Flow Of Wire
Sep 10, 2018

Wire is generally used in high-line production, the production process can be divided into the following several steps:

First, through the step-type heating furnace to heat the billet to more than 1100 degrees Celsius;

Second, after heating the billet out of the high-pressure water descaling;

Third, into the roughing mill rolling, roughing mill for hot tandem rolling unit;

Four, after the rough rolling piece enters the water cooling section to cool, in order to control its internal metallographic organization;

Five, after leaving the water-cooled section, enter the mill and finishing mill for further rolling;

Six, after finishing the rolling piece from the spinning machine to spit out the formation of coil-like;

Seven, coil-like wire in the air-cooled section of the cooling forward;

Eight, at the end of the air-cooled section, the wire from the reel into a reel-shaped;

Nine, hit the reel-shaped wire into the strapping machine strapping; Ten, enter the finished product library.