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The Position And Function Of Wire Rod
Sep 10, 2018

The Wire rod has the important position and the function in the national economy. In foreign industrial developed countries, wire is rarely used directly, more than 70% wire processing into products after use, so as to give full play to the potential of steel, to achieve the purpose of saving steel. Wire processing in China is less than 30%, there is much work to do in this area.

Although China's wire processing capacity is relatively low, but the total production of wire products in the world is still the top. Wire products are widely used in coal, mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical, aviation, electronics, shipping, communications, forestry, aquatic products, railways, transportation, light industry and other national economic sectors and national defense military sector, in the national economy occupies a very important position.

For example:

The coal mine from the underground every lifting 100,000 tons of coal average consumption about 5t steel wire rope;

Harvesting 10,000 m3 wood average consumption of about 3t steel wire rope;

The average consumption of 3.5t steel wire rope per 1000t fish captured in marine aquatic operations;

On average, about 7t tire steel cord is consumed per 1000 radial tyres of automobile;

Each 1000t welded steel structure of the average consumption of about 20t welding materials;

On average, the suspension spring wire is about 10t per 1000 cars: Only from the above part of the user wire products consumption quota data, it is enough to prove the importance of wire products industry in the whole national economy, its role and position is obvious, is indispensable and alternative.