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Special Wire

Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire Size:0.63-4.5mm Packing: Coil,Spool QUALITY Meet the requirements of "GB/T343 general purpose low carbon steel wire" and related standards. GB/T343 and other standards. ...

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Annealed wire is a kind of soft iron wire product which is made by low carbon steel cold drawing, heating, constant temperature and heat preservation. Wires vary in composition and composition. They contain iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. Rolling the hot metal billet into a 6.5mm thick steel strip, which is a wire rod, and then drawing it into a wire drawing device to draw a wire of different diameters, and gradually reducing the diameter of the wire drawing disk for cooling, annealing, coating, etc. The process is made into a variety of different specifications of wire.


Black Annealed Wire


Packing: Coil,Spool


It meets the requirements of "GB / T343 General Low Carbon Steel Wire" and related standards.


Usually, iron ingots (or steel ingots) for wire production can be produced through a number of procedures such as panning, pickling, washing, saponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, pickling, washing, galvanizing, and packaging.


The weaving of barbed wire has the methods of pre-coding, post-plating and post-coating. The treated wire mesh or steel wire mesh has good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, and can be used in construction, petroleum, chemical, breeding, garden protection, food processing. Reinforcement, protection and insulation of the industry.

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