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Special Wire

Flat Wire

Flat Wire Size : 2.50mm×0.50mm 2.20mm×0.60mm 2.20mm×0.70mm 1.80mm×0.60mm 1.50mm×0.50mm 0.90mm×0.60mm 0.80mm×0.50mm Tensile Strength: : 650-950/mm Tolerance :±0.05mm Surface : Galvanized Or Copper Process: (1) electrostatic spraying Electrostatic spraying (2) hot galvanizing followed by......

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Flat wire, also known as flat wire, flattened wire, flat wire or ultra-narrow strip, refers to an anisotropic wire with a cross-section of approximately rounded rectangle, thickness from 0.025 mm to 2 mm, and width generally less than 5 mm. Its aspect ratio ranges from 2:1 to 50:1. Since the flat wire is shaped like a ribbon, it is sometimes called an ultra-narrow flat ribbon. Compared with the common round wire, the flat wire has unique advantages in terms of heat dissipation, welding contact area, fatigue resistance, and hardness control.

Flat Wire

Size:2.50mm×0.50mm  2.20mm×0.60mm  2.20mm×0.70mm  1.80mm×0.60mm  1.50mm×0.50mm 0.90mm×0.60mm  0.80mm×0.50mm

Tensile Strength::650-950/mm


Surface: Galvanized Or Copper

Production Process

First, the profiled drawing method is similar to the round wire production process, and is drawn by a profiled wire drawing die having a rectangular hole shape. However, this method can only produce flat wires with low aspect ratio, and it is easy to cause uneven deformation or even fracture of the alloy wire, and it is impossible to produce products with high precision and surface quality.

The second major step in flat wire production is heat treatment, which achieves precise, consistent mechanical and electrical properties by precisely controlling the annealing temperature, wire speed and tension.

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