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Special Wire

Flattened Wire

Flat Wire Size : 2.50mm×0.50mm 2.20mm×0.60mm 2.20mm×0.70mm 1.80mm×0.60mm 1.50mm×0.50mm 0.90mm×0.60mm 0.80mm×0.50mm Tensile Strength: : 650-950/mm Tolerance :±0.05mm Surface : Galvanized Or Copper Process: (1) electrostatic spraying Electrostatic spraying (2) hot galvanizing followed by......

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The metal material may include stainless steel, carbon steel, copper base, nickel base, pure silver, platinum, high purity aluminum, and other alloys. The thickness of the flat wire can be as small as 0.025mm, the absolute range of thickness tolerance is 3μm, the width is minimum 0.4mm, the width tolerance is minimum ±0.01mm, and the surface is clean and free of burrs. 


Flat wire products are widely used in high-end instruments, electrical components, vacuum devices, resistors, and wires, leads, and mechanical parts in semiconductor devices. The flat wire with a width of less than 2 mm fills the gap of the ultra-narrow band that cannot be achieved by strip cutting.


Flat Wire

Size:2.50mm×0.50mm 、2.20mm×0.60mm and so on

Tensile Strength::650-950/mm


Surface: Galvanized Or Copper

Brass flat wire

1. The electrical resistance of copper is relatively small. The smaller the resistance is that gold is silver, but the high value of gold and silver is not suitable for practical use, so copper is generally chosen.

2. copper melting point is higher and stable. Copper wire - purple solid, easy to conduct, easy to bend, can be used for wire, electrical properties are not easy to be oxidized, so copper is commonly used as a wire.

3. Brass flat wire has good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot state, good plasticity in cold state, good machinability, easy fiber brazing and welding, corrosion resistance, but easy to cause corrosion cracking, hot processing temperature 650~ 850 ° C; annealing temperature 600 ~ 700 ° C; low temperature annealing temperature to eliminate internal stress 270 ~ 300 ° C.

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