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Special Wire

Steel Wire for Steel Wool

Steel Wool Wire Size:2.5-3.0-3.5-3.8mm Tensile Strength:600-900Mpa Packing:Z2、Z2 Coil、Coil packing Steel fiber refers to the fiber whose diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter, and the diameter of equivalent section circle if the fiber section is non-circular) is 40 ~ 80 by......

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Tensile Strength:600-900Mpa

Packing:Z2、Z2 Coil、Coil


coil size

spool packing

big coil packing












Plating treatment

Plating treatment The surface of the non-glossy coated steel wire is plated with a layer of metal or alloy. One of the purposes is to protect the steel wire from corrosion, such as galvanizing (see wire galvanizing, steel wire galvanizing), aluminizing , galvanized aluminum alloy, etc.; the second purpose is to make the steel wire have certain special properties, such as the production of tire steel wire and steel cord wire, in order to ensure a good bonding ability of steel wire and rubber, the former needs copper plating, brass plating ( See steel plated brass) or bronze, while the latter requires brass plating.

In the production process of the coated steel wire, some are first plated and then pulled, that is, the plating process is arranged before the drawing of the finished product; some are first drawn and then plated, that is, the steel wire is plated after being drawn into a finished product. Generally, when the surface of the steel wire is required to be bright, dense and has high strength, it is firstly plated and then pulled, and the surface of the steel wire is not very high, and the strength and toughness of the finished product are not required, but the weight of the coating is required. When it is first drawn and then plated.

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