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Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Steel wire for cable armouring

Diameter: 0.2mm-0.6mm Zinc coating: 30g/m² Tensile strength: 320-450N Standard: JIS G3547, ASTM A641, ASTM B498, ASTM A475, BS EN50189, BS EN183 Galvanized wire for mesh and fence Galvanized steel wire & strand for power & telecommunication cable Galvanized steel wire for cable armoring...

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Galvanized steel wire, including high carbon galvanized steel wire and low carbon galvanized iron wire, which can be used for cable or vine racking. Galvanized Steel wire for cable armouring is immersed in the zinc solution heated and ablated, and the production speed is fast, the plating layer is thick but uneven, and the zinc metal is consumed more. However, it forms an entry layer with the base metal and has good corrosion resistance. The hot-dip galvanized steel wire can adhere to the outdoor environment for several decades. It has outstanding resistance and elasticity, the highest amount of zinc can reach 300g/m2, with galvanized layer thickness and strong corrosion resistance.




Packing: Coil, Spool


If we want to extend the service life of galvanized steel wire used for cable armor, then we can brush the surface with a layer of other materials, which can effectively prevent oxidation.  The cost of galvanizing is very low, and it has environmental protection ability. It is better to use the galvanized anti-corrosion treatment more firmly. The galvanized layer is combined with the steel surface to make the coating more durable and more reliable. It is used in a wide range of applications, and in addition to its corrosion resistance, its aesthetics are also very good. Compared with other black iron wires, galvanized steel wire is an excellent choice.