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What Are The Main Methods Of Production Of Metal Fibers?
Sep 10, 2018

The main production methods of metal fiber are: Drawing method (Cluster drawing method, monofilament drawing), cutting method, fusion beam method.

1. Drawing method: Monofilament drawing and cluster drawing are drawn method, monofilament drawing is the use of metal wire, the advantages of high precision, but low cost and efficiency; Set Barabar is a lot of stainless steel wire assembled for continuous multi-strand drawing,

In the world today, large-scale production of high-strength ultra-fine metal fiber production enterprises mostly use cluster drawing method. 

2. Cutting method: Cutting method Mainly includes: Milling method, turning method, cutting method, scraping method and so on.

is to mechanically cut into metal fibres by means of equipment or special equipment. 

3. Fusion Beam method: The Fusion Beam method is the production method of the early production of stainless steel fiber, mainly including: Crucible fusion beam method, hanging droplet method, melt-spinning method.

The principle of the fusion beam method is to heat the stainless steel wire to the molten state, and then through a special device to spray the molten metal liquid or shake out the metal fibers formed after cooling.